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My name is Vicki Smith and I am a self taught glass artist based in Syracuse, NY. When it comes to the artwork I create, I love transforming something that starts cold, hard and sharp into something that becomes fluid, soft, and textured. It becomes an utterly new piece of material, looking altogether different from where it started. There is a great sense of exhilaration in overhauling and the challenges that arise, as well as the never ending possibilities of the medium.

Starting Out

I started out by learning glass cutting and making stepping stones for the garden. I then went on to learn stained glass using the copper foil technique. From there, I worked in a glass studio and learned more just by observing. This peaked my interest even more and I wanted to learn how to fuse. My first fusing was doing jewelry in a very small kiln. As I was practicing one day, I got distracted and ended up burning up the kiln and kiln shelf! The temperature controller was called an, "infinite switch," and when it was turned on, the kiln just continued to become hotter. That day I learned the importance of timers and programmable controllers.

From me to you

As time went on and I created more and more pieces, I became extremely interested in making larger functional pieces. I took many classes on fusing covering inclusions, using frit and dichroic glass, and mold making.

I love to share what I know and help others create, so I started doing classes in fusing and beginning-level stained glass. From there, Hooked On Glass was born. I welcome you to take a look at my pieces and come create with me in my studio.
Vicki Smith,
Hooked On Glass


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What We Teach
Important Info
Beginner and intermediate glass fusing

Beginner stained glass
Classes are 6 weeks, 2.5 hours per class

$250 (covers firing of two pieces)
Glass is extra
Individual classes are welcome and the price is the same

Classes are scheduled intermittantly throughout the year - check back to see what we have going on!


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